Spirit is Willing, The


A gentle, somewhat quirky chart from the Miller band of 1941 written by Jerry Gray as a two Trumpet feature. This tune grows on you, has an easy tempo and is really smooth. The 'hook' is is in the harmonic structure - a rising and falling sequence up and down the scale chords of D, and the bouncy Sax riff will leave you humming the thing. We have written out all of the Trumpet solos, with mute indications and articulations, and have included the little Piano fills near the end of the piece, and the drum licks too. There are no Sax doubles. An easy chart, aside from a couple of Trumpet high notes (1st & 2nd to written top C), which plays really well.

Part Number
Arranged by
Jerry Gray
Transcribed by
Myles Collins
Glenn Miller
3 mins 25 secs
Trumpets 1-4
C6, C6, F#5, D5
Trombones 1-4
F#4, D4, B3, A3
Easy / Medium

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