Smoke Gets In Your Eyes


Tommy Dorsey recorded the Alex Stordahl arrangement of Smoke Gets In Your Eyes in 1937 on RCA Victor 25657-B. This arrangement is somewhat unusual, as this particular song is generally performed in slow ballad tempo. The Dorsey chart is taken at a medium swing tempo which, when listened to for the first time, might give you the impression that the chart is a little corny. Don't be fooled, because the chart will quickly grow on you. Dorsey's band at that time carried 6 brass and 4 reeds. Our transcription and adaptation of the original arrangement boosts the brass to a full eight voices, and the reeds to a five piece section. After a snappy little intro the melody solo is carried by Trombone 2 for the first half of the chorus. The reeds take the middle eight, with Alto 1 doubling Clarinet a this point, and the Trombone rounds off the chorus. A neat modulation from the band leads to a solo chorus shared between Tenor 1 and Trumpet 2, all backed by the rest of the band. Both solos are improvised from the chords provided. A six measure bridge then leads to the shout and close. The brass ranges are moderate (lead Trumpet to high C and 2nd Trombone to Bb) and the only sax double is Alto 1 on Clarinet. However, we have provided an alternate Alto 1 part that removes the need for the Clarinet double.

Part Number
Arranged by
Alex Stordahl
Transcribed by
Myles Collins
Tommy Dorsey
3 mins 2 secs
Trumpets 1-4
C6, A5, F5, Eb5
Trombones 1-4
G4, Bb4, C4, C4
Easy / Medium

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