Round Midnight


We have no audio for this chart of Thelonius Monk's classic tune, so let's describe it. After a short intro the Baritone takes the melody as a solo, followed by the sax team, with the brass finishing off the melody phrase. Trombone 2 picks up the melody as a solo, completed by the whole section. Reeds and brass then complete the first chorus. Your Alto player then takes a 32 measure improvised solo, the first 16 with only rhythm and the second 16 with full band backings. The third chorus is led by the Trombones, with Altos and Tenors backing with call and response phrases. The next 8 measures are written Trumpet solos layering up from 4th to 1st, with sax backings. The whole band then shifts to a 12:8 feel led by unison Trumpets, then tutti, before shifting back to 4:4 for the final tutti melody, with an echo of the intro to finish the chart. This is a long chart - over 5 minutes (which can be reduced by skipping the Alto solo section, but that's not ideal) which we have graded as Medium / Advanced, only because your Alto player needs to know his changes in order to produce a flowing solo. Aside from this it's pretty straightforward. There are no sax doubles.

Part Number
Arranged by
Myles Collins
Original chart
5 mins 20 secs
Trumpets 1-4
Ab5, A5, G5, G5
Trombones 1-4
B4, Bb4, Eb4, B3
Medium / Advanced

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