Something Slow (Free chart)

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Ballad, Swing






3 mins 20 secs

Trumpets 1-4:

Bb5, G5, D5, C5

Trombones 1-4:

A4, F4, D4, Bb3

Arranged by:

Jon Harpin

PDF Score sample:


Something Slow - free pdf jazz ensemble chart for instant download. This chart is an original composition by Jon Harpin in the Basie style. It employs the orchestration technique of 1st Trumpet doubling 1st Alto, which was used so effectively in the classic Neal Hefti tune, Li'l Darlin'. In addition, there are also some richly voiced five part sax ensembles, reminiscent of latter day Basie arrangements. This slow atmospheric number is ideal for the end of the night, either for listening or dancing. Whilst most of the arrangement is written for a full ensemble, the chart does feature an improvised 2nd Trumpet solo. There are no sax doubles. This arrangement is offered as a free pdf big band chart. Please feel free to play and perform the music at any time, in any venue. If you should ever wish to use this chart as a part of a commercial enterprise, such as a recorded track on a CD / mp3 compilation which is subsequently sold for profit, please respect our Copyright in the work and seek our prior permission. Depending on the size and scale of your project we may or may not ask for a small royalty fee. In any event, please do ask us first. Thank you. The 'PDF Score sample' (above) is the complete arrangement - all 17 parts plus score. Just click on the link to download it. Enjoy!