Indiana (Gene Krupa)

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Medium / Advanced


2 mins 55 secs

Trumpets 1-4:

C6, C6, F5, D5

Trombones 1-4:

C5, C5, F#4, E4

Arranged by:

Gerry Mulligan

Transcribed by:

Myles Collins

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Indiana : Gene Krupa big band chart for jazz ensemble. Krupa recorded over eighty tracks for Capitol Records in 1946-1947. These sessions were later released, along with over sixty Harry James tracks, as the Capitol Vaults Jazz Series. Included in this compilation is "Indiana", written by James Hanley. Originally scored by baritone saxophonist Gerry Mulligan during his brief stay with the Krupa band in 1946. Even today the arrangement sounds like a really fresh interpretation of a great jazz standard. After a straight-ahead rhythmic intro, the first chorus is dominated by call-and-response between the reeds and brass, with a magnificent three measure solo sax section baroque injection which sets up the brass to close out the chorus. There then follows solo space for Trumpet (backed by the reeds) and Tenor (backed by the Trombones), an eight measure modulation driven by solo Trombone leading to the Trombone and Piano solos. A rousing 16 measure shout rounds off the chart. All of the solos are improvised from the chords provided and there are no sax doubles. This chart not only delivers a lot of power and punch, but also serves as a vehicle to showcase some of the soloists in your band. There are no sax doubles.