Julie London

Julie London vocal big band charts

A selection of Julie London vocal arrangements for solo vocalist with big band.

Who was Julie London?

Born in Santa Rosa, California, she was an American singer and actress. Her early career was in the movies. Her singing career didn't take off until 1955 when she was signed to the newly established Liberty Records label. She went on to record 32 albums and, on the back of her recording success, she was offered a number of film and television roles that ran until the late 1970's. She was said to be a nervous performer on stage and shy and retiring in her personal life. Her voice, a sultry and smoky contralto, gave all of her recordings such intimacy that the listener felt that she was in the same room as them.

Which are her most famous charts?

Her first big hit was "Cry Me a River" and other notable recordings were of songs such as "Take Back Your Mink", "An Occasional Man", "Black Coffee", "Love For Sale" and "My Heart Belongs To Daddy".