Ray Anthony

Ray Anthony big band charts

A range of big band arrangements made famous by Ray Anthony and his orchestra.

Who is Ray Anthony?

He is a band leader, trumpeter, musical director and songwriter who is the last surviving member of the Glenn Miller Orchestra. His band recorded over 40 albums, mostly on the Capitol Records label, spanning more than 20 years up to the early 1970's.

Which famous charts might you know?

Anthony's best known charts include "Trumpet Boogie", "Thunderbird", "The Fox", "Dardanella" and "Mr. Anthony's Boogie". "The Fox" is a reference to the composer and arranger, George "The Fox" Williams. Mr. Anthony released a number of commercially successful "Dream Dancing" albums from the 1950's onward. The arrangements for these charts, often penned by Don Simpson, borrowed heavily from the Glenn Miller style of clarinet lead over tightly scored saxophones and included such tunes as "Again", "Body and Soul" and "Blue Moon".