Poet and Peasant


Billy May wrote many fine charts during his illustrious career, and this is one of them. Written for the talented, and often underrated Casa Loma Orchestra, this arrangement of Franz von Suppe's Poet and Peasant Overture is going to be a challenging blow for even the best bands. It is tough, even at the professional level, with some big asks being made in all sections of the band. The tempo is up, there are frequent changes of rhythmic feel, lots of unison sectional runs where a wrong note will stick out like a sore thumb, and at over 5 minutes it is a long blow. We're not trying to put you off here, just letting you know what to expect. However, if you have the players to cope with the demands of the chart it will be a rewarding experience. All the parts are printed booklet fold, else they would run to 8 pages long and be impossible to keep on the music stands. Both Altos double Clarinet.

Part Number
Arranged by
Billy May
Transcribed by
Jon Harpin
Glen Gray
5 mins 5 secs
Trumpets 1-4
E6, E6, Eb6, F5
Trombones 1-4
C5, Ab4, Bb4, F4

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