On A Little Street In Singapore


A classic Glenn Miller chart from the early days of the band, with vocals by Ray Eberle, and featuring the Miller trademarks of Clarinet-led reeds over brass in plungers, a great modulation to the vocal chorus, a surprise modulation out of the vocal to the last chorus (in Perfidia style), and a reed flourish to end. Originally written for only 6 brass, we have adapted the chart to a full 8 voice brass section. Alto 1 is on Clarinet throughout, with Alto 2 doubling Clarinet in the last 2 measures (with cue notes for Alto on the part). The vocal chorus is in Db, with only an octave range, and the brass ranges are not demanding. The chart sounds best if your sax team can emulate the Miller vibrato (fast and narrow for the upper voices, slow and broad for the lower).

Part Number
Transcribed by
Alan Glasscock
Glenn Miller
2 mins 45 secs
Trumpets 1-4
B5, G5, E5, C#5
Trombones 1-4
Bb4, F#4, Eb4, C4,
Easy / Medium
Vocal Ranges
Db3 - Db4 (1 octave, as sung)
Vocal Key

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