Let's Twist Again


Let's Twist Again is another fine chart to have in your library if you play at mixed audience gigs. The dads are almost guaranteed to want to get up and dance. Our arrangement includes the opening spoken vocal lines (over solo drums), just lke the Chubby Checker original, and from the intro moves into the first vocal chorus. Sax and Brass passages form the second chorus, with the vocalist returning in the middle 8. The band takes a D.C. to allow the vocalist to repeat the intro, giving the chance of call and response between singer and band or singer and audience. The third chorus is vocal and leads to the coda flourish. This is an easy to play, yet rewarding chart that will be a real crowd pleaser. There are no sax doubles and the vocal key is F throughout.

Part Number
Pop Rock
Arranged by
Myles Collins
Chubby Checker
3 minutes
Trumpets 1-4
G5, E5, D5, D5
Trombones 1-4
F4, D4, C4, C4
Vocal Ranges
D3 - C4 (7 steps)
Vocal Key

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