Lady Be Good


Another rousing up-tempo swing chart from the Artie Shaw band. Originally scored by Jerry Gray, this chart has been lovingly transcribed by Alan Glasscock. The only variation from the original is the inclusion of the 4th brass voice in each section, bringing the total to 8. Saxes are scored CAATT and all of Shaw's original solo lines are written out in full (your player can improvise if preferred). Likewise the Tenor solo is scored out and included chords for improvisation too. Please be aware that the 3rd Trumpet has the greatest range requirement of the section, as it is scored to take the lead for the last 8 measures. Shaw recorded this chart a couple of times, and the tempo varied from around 185 up to 220 beats per minute. The arrangement works at the lower tempo quite well, but if your players are up to the task, 220 makes it really cook.

Part Number
Arranged by
Jerry Gray
Transcribed by
Alan Glasscock
Artie Shaw
3 mins 5 secs
Trumpets 1-4
B5, A5, C#6, E5
Trombones 1-4
B4, A4, A4, A4
Medium / Advanced

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