In the Mood


In the Mood? Surely everyone has this in their library we hear you cry. This tune is one of the most requested songs for bands to play, yet the only version is the stock chart which is doesn't swing, is riddled with errors and the band hates playing it. This is why we have not included an audio here. Everyone already knows it. OK. Now for some background. There is no definative version of this Miller tune. The Civilian band played one version, the Air Force band another, the film version (Sun Valley Serenade) had other variations, but all were so much better than the stock. Here is what we have done. Ours is a fusion of the Civilian band and Sun Valley Serenade version. The saxes are re-voiced to AAATT, so the 1st tenor player now has playable fingerings and the note-doubling in the stock has gone. The bass & drum lines are now right, so the chart doesn't come to a grinding halt in the midle 8 and trumpet solo. The sax solos are now for two Tenors, as they should be. The backing behind the Trumpet solo is now right, with no Trombones here at all. The Miller band used this space for a bit of Trombone-waving. The last fade-out chorus contains the quasi-bass solo, with saxes only playing the top note of the riff. The Trumpet run-up at the end is now right and throughout this arrangement ALL of the articulations and dynamics neded to enable you to reproduce the authentic feel are marked. This is a superb job of transcription from Alan Glasscock, and we implore you - throw out the old stock and use this chart, so when the crowd calls for the tune you will WANT to play it.

Part Number
Arranged by
Joe Garland
Transcribed by
Alan Glasscock
Glenn Miller
3 mins 30 secs
Trumpets 1-4
C6, D6, Bb5, Bb5
Trombones 1-4
Ab4, Ab4, Ab4, Ab4

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