If I Had You


This creamy version of If I Had You is taken from "A Swingin' Affair", Sinatra's 12th studio album, conducted and arranged by Nelson Riddle. We have transcribed and adapted this chart to remove the original string lines and re-integrate them into the band. Alto 1 doubles Clarinet, and it is the Clarinet-led reeds that take the pick-up into, and first 8 measures of the instrumental half-chorus in the middle of the chart. The trombones take a 4 measure soli after the saxes, and their range is quite high, with the lead Trombone to high C and second to A. We have reproduced the feel and flavour of the original Riddle chart and have even included the muted Trumpet fill and the little drum licks and fills that add punch in just the right places. The vocal line as written "as sung" by Sinatra. The vocal key is Ab throughout.

Part Number
Arranged by
Nelson Riddle
Transcribed by
Jon Harpin
Frank Sinatra
2 mins 30 secs
Trumpets 1-4
C6, A5, F5, D5
Trombones 1-4
C5, A4, Gb4, E4
Vocal Ranges
C3 - F4 (11 steps as sung)
Vocal Key

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