I Only Have Eyes For You


Here is the Ella Fizgerald / Nelson Riddle version of I Only Have Eyes For You, transcribed and adapted by Jon Harpin from the "Ella Swings Brightly With Nelson" album. The original version contained strings, which we have scored back into the Saxes, making the chart playable by a regular 5/4/4/4 line-up. As you would expect from a Riddle chart, this arrangement is full of punch, contains some great rhythmic and harmonic writing and is full of interest for band and audience alike. We have rated it at the medium / advanced level, mainly because of the brass ranges. Lead Trumpet hits high E and lead Trombone high C. The 4th Trombone is a Bass (playable 8va by a Tenor). There are no sax doubles, and the vocal key is G throughout.

Part Number
Arranged by
Nelson Riddle
Transcribed by
Jon Harpin
Ella Fitzgerald
2 mins 35 secs
Trumpets 1-4
E6, C#5, B5, G5
Trombones 1-4
C5, G4, E4, D4
Medium / Advanced
Vocal Ranges
D3 - D5 (2 octaves, as sung)

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