I Love You


Here is our transcription of the Anita O'Day version if Cole Porter's "I Love You". The original arrangement was by Billy May, from the 1959 "Anita O'Day Swings Cole Porter with Billy May" album. Though quite short, the chart is an up-tempo, hard hitting swinger which needs a strong singer to carry it off. After the intro and first vocal chorus there is an 8 measure instrumental passage and an 8 measure Alto solo (written out, with chords) before the vocals return for a half chorus to close out the chart. The original chart was scored in the key of A, so we have printed the chart double-sided with the original on one side and a version in Ab (for ease of playing) on the reverse. The ranges above refer to the A version. There are no sax doubles.

Part Number
Arranged by
Billy May
Transcribed by
Myles Collins
Anita O'Day
1 min 55 secs
Trumpets 1-4
D#6, D6, D6, F5
Trombones 1-4
C5, F#4, E4, E4
Medium / Adv
Vocal Ranges
E3 - A4 (11 steps as sung)

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