Happiness is a Thing Called Joe


Transcribed from Ralph Burns' original chart written for Frances Wayne / Woody Herman, Happiness is a Thing Called Joe is a lush swing ballad for female vocal. We have adapted the chart to suit a standard 5,4,4,4 line-up with a regular Sax section, though Woody's Clarinet line is taken by Alto 1 on Clarinet throughout. The other Saxes are ATTB. There is a fair bit of unison muted Trumpet work in this chart, so intonation needs to be good. Also the 1st Trumpet is written to high G in the bridge, but this is cross-cued onto the Clarinet part if your lead can't reach this high.The short Piano solo intro is written out, as is the vocal line sung by Frances Wayne. The vocal key is G.

Part Number
Arranged by
Ralph Burns
Transcribed by
Alan Glasscock
Frances Wayne
3 mins 25 secs
Trumpets 1-4
B5 (opt G6), G#5, G#5, G#5
Trombones 1-4
G4, Eb4, D4, D4
Vocal Ranges
E3 - D5 (13 steps)

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