Glen Island Special


Glen Island Special is a very quick swing chart written by Eddie Durham for the Glenn Miller band, and on first hearing it you could be forgiven for thinking it to be a Basie chart. At 240 beats per minute this chart rips from start to finish. It features ad-lib solos for 2nd Trumpet and 1st Tenor and has plenty of visual appeal too, with much plunger / hat work in the Brass. The Saxes are scored for 3 Altos and 2 Tenors. The Trumpet ranges are very moderate, with lead only reaching a G. The Sax parts do require very nimble fingers, and we have graded the chart as Medium Advanded purely because of this. If you play to a dance crowd the dancers will need a rest afterwards!

Part Number
Arranged by
Eddie Durham
Transcribed by
Myles Collins
Glenn Miller
3 minutes
Trumpets 1-4
G5, E5, D5, B4
Trombones 1-4
A4, F4, F4, F4
Medium / Advanced

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