Corner Pocket


Corner Pocket was written by the unsung hero of the Count Basie band, Freddie Green, and it's title is a reference to the place that Green called his own - the corner pocket of the rhythm section. We have transcribed this chart from the "Basie in London" album but have adapted the chart slightly to make it suitable for 8 brass. There are ad-lib solo spots for Trumpets 1 & 2 and Tenor 1. Basie's piano solos are written out "as-played", as is the last 8 measures of the lead Trumpet solo because it suggests the theme for the final shout chorus at the end of the piece, though your player can improvise if desired. There are no sax doubles. A fabulous chart from the height of the Basie Band.

Part Number
Transcribed by
Myles Collins
Count Basie
4 mins 40 secs
Trumpets 1-4
D6, Bb6, C6, C6
Trombones 1-4
C5, Bb4, Bb4, Eb4
Medium / Advanced

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