Come Fly With Me


This is Frank Sinatra at his best. This chart is a transcription of Sinatra with the Count Basie Band, taken from Sinatra at the Sands. It features the original band into - big, punchy and nearly a minute long - giving you time for a big introduction to your vocalist. The chart is also marked with an optional start point, just before the vocal, should you wish to shorten things. We have removed a couple of muted trumpet fills here and there, to keep things cleaner. There are some sax doubles. Altos go to Clarinets and Tenors to Flutes. These doubles add colour to the voicings though are not vital to the chart. So if your Tenor players are fluteless don't worry too much. The vocal is in Bb, with a range from Bb to D (one octave and 3 tones) and has been written out to give your vocalist a good feel of Sinatra's phrasing. All in all this chart is exceptional.

Part Number
Arranged by
Quincy Jones
Transcribed by
Jon Harpin
Frank Sinatra
4 minutes
Trumpets 1-4
G6, E6, C6, Ab5
Trombones 1-4
Bb4, G4, F4, Db4
Medium / Advanced
Vocal Ranges
Bb2 - D4
Vocal Key

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