Deep Purple


Deep Purple : Artie Shaw. This charming arrangement was recorded by Helen Forrest with the Artie Shaw Orchestra in 1939 on Bluebird 10178. The original chart was scored for 6 Brass and we have augmented our transcription up to a full 8-piece Brass section, though it works equally well with 6 (3/3) or even 7 (4/3) voices. The song itself has an ABAB structure, rather than the more common AABA form. After a 6 measure band intro the vocalist takes the first chorus backed by Reeds in the "A" and Reeds plus muted Brass in the "B". The Clarinet then solos over the next AB followed by a Sax solo (A) and final Clarinet solo (B). The final half chorus is an ensemble A and vocal B with a ritenuto restatement of the final four measures leading to the close. We have written Artie Shaw's solos out in full, though your player can improvise from the chords too. The Reeds are scored for CAATT and the vocal key is Bb.

Part Number
Transcribed by
Myles Collins
Helen Forrest
3 mins 5 secs
Trumpets 1-4
A5, F5, C5, D5
Trombones 1-4
G4, F4, C4, C4
Easy / Medium
Vocal Ranges
G3 - C5 (11 steps, as sung)
Vocal Key

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